Punch In

Mobile app for Attendance,Timesheet & Leave Management for a company

We believe in simplifying Corporate lives easier. Many problems are faced in day to day work, getting accurate & real-time attendance/Timesheet is one such problem that every organization would be facing. Timely and accurate timesheet or attendance is key to any organization's financials like salary Administration, vendor payments, invoice generation etc. This is where Punch In solution can make whole a lot of difference in simplifying the timesheet or attendance.

Punch In is a SaaS based comprehensive (Mobile App, Web-based & Biometric device) Cloud solution that makes time logging easier and simpler. The timesheet or attendance information is available on-the-go to employees, Supervisors, HR and senior leadership based on their roles. Punch has additional capability to simplify Leaves management workflow and Holidays management for a company. Punch In provides role-based reports or dashboards with trends/analytics.

Intuitive. Elegant.

Powerful. Subtle.

Punch In has loads of features. It makes administration of Employees a breeze.


Log your time sheet with One-Click.
Manage leaves