Product Features

Punch In app, a flagship product of Siddsoft Solutions revolutionizes the Attendance Management and Time sheeting completely.

Punch In is a SaaS-based solution for employee Attendance & Leave Management system for a company. The system supports multiple office branches. The solution includes Mobile App, Web-based & Bio-metric based attendance log capabilities to address all possible business scenarios of a company.

Key Features

Configure your company

  • Configure company Name & Logo.
  • Configure - Branches, Financial year, Employee Designations, Week offs, Holidays.
  • Configure application access security levels.
  • Employee management - Add, Update, Remove & Re-activate.
  • Set attendance or Timesheet guidelines.
  • Past timesheets edit period.
  • Employee timesheet reminder settings.
  • Set Employee Leave settings/guidelines.
  • Leave/absence settings for half a day or full day.
  • Leave quota for casual/Sick leaves.
  • Leave planning - No of prior days the leave(s) can be planned.

Timesheet Management

  • Capability to log attendance on-the-go from office/home/onsite.
  • The employee can log timesheet multiple times in a day.
  • Configurable Attendance/timesheet reminders to employees.
  • Records exact geo-location from where the attendance/timesheet was logged.
  • Effectively manages compensatory offs.
  • Live dashboards to track attendance for supervisors, HR or company owner.
  • Comprehensive Reporting capabilities for payroll or invoice generation.
  • View time logs (employee).
  • Automated time off recording when an employee does not log timesheet.
  • Allows supervisor to view, log & edit timesheets for employee(s).

Leave Management

  • Configure leaves namely Casual & Sick leaves and carry forward guidelines for the same. These can be edited (by Admin/HR) in the last month of the financial year.
  • Configure half a day and full day leave guidelines and # of day(s) ahead that an employee can apply for leave(s).
  • Set leave balance at the time of onboarding an employee.
  • Check leave balance.
  • Apply for leave and leaves are adjusted automatically.
  • Cancel leave.
  • Check approval status.
  • Approval workflow - supervisor approves their employee(s) leaves.
  • A supervisor can apply leave for an employee.

Integrating with Existing ERP system

  • Upload bulk employee data.
  • Export monthly/daily employee report.
  • Export detailed report of employee timesheet.
  • Upload and download payslips.

Analytics and Dashboard

  • Timesheet statistics.
  • Live employee dashboard which includes # of logs regards to "type of attendance".
  • Monthly employee attendance trends.